Brand Design


Who is this package for?


This package is for you if you're a new business owner, start up or entrepreneur who wants to stand out in a saturated space with a beautiful, professional logo design. You know that great design is vital to creating a lasting first impression.

How long will it take?


Your branding process will typically take no longer than 2 weeks. This relies on you being ready and available to communicate and review your designs as soon as I give them to you. It's best to book when you know you have a free schedule to provide feedback.


What's Included


+ Pre Work

Target Audience and Brand Design Questionaires.

+ Style Development

Personalized color palette, brand mood board, favicon, custom font combinations and textures/patterns.

+ Logo Development

6 primary black + white logo designs (with 3 revisions), full color logo finals and alternative logos.

+ Final Details

You will receive a basic branding style board, and all final files will be sent to you via Google Drive.


Investment starting at $500 USD