Add a Pin It Button to your Squarespace Website

Pinterest is a major traffic booster for a lot of bloggers, and, as you may know, one of the greatest ways to increase social media shares is to make sharing as easy and convenient as possible. If you want to increase your website traffic using Pinterest, you need to add a Pin It hover button to your blog images!

A Pin It button (or Pinterest button) is simply an icon that appears over your images on hover. This means that your readers will see a button that allows them to post the image they are hovering over, straight to Pinterest. When the button is clicked, your reader is taken directly to Pinterest in a new window, where the image they've chosen is already selected and displaying the image title you have chosen (with the rich information from your website). From there, all your readers have to do is choose one of their boards to pin the image to.

Squarespace makes it really easy for you to enable Pin It buttons on your website, and you can do this for your individual images, galleries and products. You simply need to make a couple of clicks to activate them, and you're done!

Follow these quick steps below to add a Pin It button to your Squarespace website:

  1. Go to the 'Home' Menu

  2. Click 'Settings'

  3. Click 'Marketing'

  4. Click 'Pin It Buttons'

From here, you can choose which of your content you would like to have your Pin It buttons appear on. I choose to have my button appear on all blog images. You can also style the button in a various of ways, then click 'Save' to complete. 

Note: I personally have a custom Pin It button on my images- I had to write some CSS code to make this happen. I will write a blog post/tutorial soon so that you can have your own custom Pin It button as well!

The great thing about the Pin It feature is that Squarespace and Pinterest have an incredible partnership that automatically saves your pins as Rich Pins. This means that your pins will have important additional information (such as your website url, author, title of post) that will appear below the pin to show where the pin came from.

Why is Pinterest so important?

Adding a Pinterest strategy into your endless amount of daily tasks can feel pretty overwhelming, especially with all of the other social media platforms out there. However, Pinterest is a major traffic booster for a lot of bloggers. In fact, there are a number of creative business owners who will test to the fact that upwards of 60, 70, and 80% of their website traffic is solely from Pinterest! So, if you aren't already, it's time to start pinning!