Color Codes

Color makes design come to life.

As a designer, you are probably already familiar with just how much influence color plays into the design process. A good color palette can set the mood for a project, and can even influence an individual's emotions and perceptions about a brand.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing a color scheme for your design project. That's where Color Codes comes in.

Color Codes


I created ColorCodes with the goal to collect unique color combinations for my future creative projects.

ColorCodes is a simple but useful concept. It’s one big page full of some of my favorite color combinations. Over time, I’ve jotted down these color codes to ease my design process, and I figured other creatives might find them useful as well.


You can use this project by browsing through the images, copying/pasting them into Photoshop, and choosing the colors from there with the eyedropper tool. Or you could simply add the hexadecimal color code I've included to your swatches if you'd like to use it that way. This page comes in handy when creating quick color mood-boards for creative projects.

You can find the project here, or by clicking on the two previous photos that I included above.

I hope you find this color guide useful in your future design projects. Let me know in the comments section if you have a color code that deserves a spot in my project. I would love to add it for you!