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Branding For Business

My process is meant for business owners who have a clear focus for their business, but don't know how to create it visually. I work with my clients to develop their brands through website development, content creation, social media marketing, and more. I offer the following services:


+ Squarespace Assistance

Registration assistance with Squarespace account sign-up, informative guides + blog posts, tutorials and walkthroughs (coming soon).

+ Social Media Marketing

Guides + blog posts for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook marketing.

+ Social Media Templates

Social media templates correctly sized for each platform. I offer general templates in the shop and can create custom templates for your brand upon request.

+ Brand Style Development

Customized logo with revisions, personalized color palette, brand mood board, and more. You can find more information here.

+ Custom Website

Completely custom website through Squarespace- you can find more information here.

+ Website Templates- Coming Soon

Coming soon- DIY website templates for Squarespace with guides and walkthrough tutorials.


Coming Soon: Website templates

Don't have the time or investment for a custom website? I will soon be offering limited edition, pre-designed, yet fully customizable, Squarespace and Showit5 website templates for an easy website building experience. 

Custom Experience

Use site as is and simply fill in your content , or customize it to your liking - NO coding required, tech support, and much more!

What can you expect?

I will only be selling a limited number of each site so you can be sure there aren't thousands of websites out there just like your's. You will be able to:

  • Customize the site to your liking

  • Build a website WITHOUT coding knowledge

  • Have a beautiful, responsive website without paying the high price tag of web developers


DIY Brand Templates: Shop Now


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